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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moodboard: Salmon

wanted to do an outfit post today, but i got too lazy to fix my hair and face for it. haha. but i'm wearing a salmon sweater, so i wanted to do a moodboard around that color! (also, one of my roommate's favorite colors.)

dustjacket attic?

probably dustjacket attic

tom & lorenzo

dustjacket attic i believe

also anthropologie (facebook)

didn't want to overload you with pictures, plus i should be studying. hopefully i'll have time sometime this week to take an outfit picture. so excited about exams to be over 8DDD...but have to get through them first DDD8

Music: Love You Like a Love Song (okay, obsessed with this...can't even think when it's playing) - Selena Gomez

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