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Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Primaries

still working on my latest refashion... D8 but i painted my nails today, and the colors really struck me as fun, so i took some pictures to share with you guys:

semi-patriotic nails! if only i was skilled enough to give them white tips. put another quilt (katha) over my other one on my bed (get cold in the early morning) and i really like the full red. it really brightens up the room.

other hand.

on the scarf and skirt i was wearing. i was wearing fun colors today, but i didn't document the rest of me because i looked pretty tired. i'll probably wear it another day for you ;)

fun bookmark my friend gave me! and the nail polish i used. revlon royal (DUKE BLUE!) and fire fox.

the red is 'matte suede' which i didn't like when it first dried since it's not shiny, but now i do. it catches the light nicely, and the glitter specks inside are fun.

basically illustrates my day. furiously reading an agatha christie, because once i start i can't stop, and painting my nails. i also made some beds, but that's not as much fun to photograph, now is it? maybe it is, i may try it tomorrow ;) we can make anything artistic, non? -> channeling poirot

i really did love the green rings with the red and blue. i wish i could have gotten my mom to take a picture of my hands, so you i wouldn't have had to settle for self-timer, but she's sleeping. as you should be.

Music:  Main Teri Dhadkan Teri - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

the first girl's part kind of sucks, but the rest of the song is good 8D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comfort in the Sun

today was a comfy outfit day 8) 

i know i have already featured this shirt on this blog, but i didn't realize HOW MUCH i loved it until i wore it again. seriously. so comfortable.

took a lot of pictures of just the garden too:

bumblebee on bean plant!

just realized when you overexpose pictures, it sort of looks extraterrestrial. like in this awesome video:

bean plant arch my mom shaped with wire. there is another one amongst the other vegetables, but it's been growing so crazily you can't really see it anymore. you can see it in my Refashion #11 post.

banana peppers!

loving the mixture of green, yellow, red, and white. such bright summer colors.

we have this tree in our backyard, and i want to sit under it, but the sap on it is sweet so lately we have these HUGE hornet things swarming all over the tree. IT'S TERRIFYING. 8(

favorite part of our garden. i just love the path. it reminds me of the path to Ms. Honey's cottage in the book Matilda by Roald Dahl, illustration by Quentin Blake. i would love to see that cottage, if something like it existed.

sorry for the picspam, but i also took some pictures yesterday:

my mom had washed and starched her whites and hung them out to dry on our dining room chairs. i'd never seen our dining room chairs out on the deck before, and i think the two wood colors really complement each other. plus the sun was hitting all the green in just the perfect way.

i leave you with this:

scary, right?

Music: Main Nikkla Gaddi Leke

pretty classic song 8D

Monday, August 15, 2011

Refashion #18: Fringed T-Shirt + Straight Pants to Skinny

sorry it has been so long! ah! i've been reading a lot, so i kept putting off actually taking pictures and finishing my projects. only a couple more weeks before school starts again, so i need to take advantage of what time i have left before i have to study. yuck.

the before:

old t-shirt that was given to me as a gift when i visited L.A. when i was about eleven years old. i actually really love this t-shirt. it just fits nicely, and the color is really nice.

so i was not happy when i returned with the rest of my washing looking like this. i don't know if it got caught in the machine, or what, but i was sad. because an iron is not going to un-stretch that cloth.

even worse on the bottom!

and hole under sleeve 8(

the inspiration:

katy perry! taken from her facebook page. lucky break that my shirt also had a california theme. didn't want to make mine quite as skanky, though, but the fringe would take care of the pulled bottom.

the finished product:

have GOT to clean my mirror. i'm sorry i only realize this AFTER i take pictures. ugh. this isn't really the way i wanted to wear this shirt, but the other shirt i wanted to wear under it was long-sleeved, and i about roasted this morning when i pulled it on.

i like this shirt. it's fun, if nothing else. the pony beads are really random colors, because i only had leftovers from those beaded animals i used to hang on my bookbag. but i like it. it would work for some sort of costume party. like a rainbow/hippie/pocahontas party. just my kind of party.

onto the before!pants:

these pants were sort of straight cut, like my pink ones, but less flattering. they just made me look stumpy. so i took my skinny jeans, laid 'em on top, and pinned where i wanted to tighten from the inside.

all pinned!

close-up of pinning. for the heck of it.

the finished product:

not completely skinny, but definitely more fitting. the pants are actual black satin, but because THIS MIRROR IS ALSO DIRTY, you can't tell that well. i apologize. i will get on the cleaning, i promise.

on to funner things (funner is a word?! how about funnerer? yeah, didn't think so), my wonderful, awesome, ammu (mom) got me pretty nail polish yesterday!

shiny! pretty! and scented when dry! i actually asked for green, and i got more of a teal, but what gives. IT'S SCENTED!

like the ocean, i'm guessing? and the little man you see there? uncle sam. came in my dad's case of tea he'd bought in ohio, and he is my new favorite thing.

he isn't he just the cutest thing?! i just want to hold him in my hand all day.

better look at the teal color. i took all of these on the 'flower setting' and i think they turned out pretty nicely.

hopefully i can squeeze in at least one more refashion before i head off to school!

Music: Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya - Sangam

incredibly random song that showed up on my itunes. you will probs get laughs out of the video:

yeah, this is REALLY weird.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Refashion #17: Pink Floral Skirt

finished the skirt! this one turned out better than the first one i did (Refashion #5) so i actually took pictures with it on! zippers definitely make for better skirts than side buttons. and pleated ones are definitely easier to fit than straight skirts.

the before:

old dress from my childhood. it was given to me from one of my relatives in bangladesh. i had a baby blue one that was a little smaller that i for some reason liked better, but i really like this one now that i look at it.

the back with the zipper i detached to use on the skirt.

close up of the pretty lavender flower print.

the finished product:

pleated skirt! leggings are new, from kohl's (candie's). i like the studs on the side. ignore the weird white stuff, that's actually tissue residue from when i cleaned the mirror.

my dad said i looked like a lawyer, but i'm pretty sure lawyers don't really prefer skirts that look so girly haha.

the back! it's hard to see, so i darkened the picture, but i'm still not sure if you can really see it. i made the zipper exposed, because i've been seeing that on a lot of clothes lately and i really like the effect! my mom thought i'd done it by accident, haha.

i was going to keep the top of the dress with the skirt, but that didn't fit even after i enlarged the arm holes. so i detached the skirt, pleated it, hemmed the top, and added the zipper. pretty easy! i'm going to try and do something with the top, because i love the puffed sleeves and the rosettes on the bodice.

Music:  Love Story meets Viva La Vida - Jon Schmidt (roommate showed me this <3)