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Thursday, July 28, 2011

White & ... White?

went shopping today! dillard's had their end-of-month extra 30% off clearance items, so my mom and i went to scope out the deals. their regular clearance for clothes is pretty expensive, but with the extra 30%, a lot of things are pretty reasonable. the shirt i got was more on the pricey side ($20 eventually) but there was something i saw for $238 ON CLEARANCE! i literally did a double take.

the title is because i was originally going to wear a black skirt with this shirt, but then realized i don't own that black skirt anymore. i gave it away. don't you hate it when that happens? and also when you lose clothes. i'm still missing this awesome pink shirt i used to have. i only got to wear it like twice!! so i wore this skirt instead. outfit picture taken in the changing room:

would have taken pictures of the clothes i tried on, but i felt UNBELIEVABLY CREEPY taking pictures in the changing room. like i was doing something illegal. it was made worse by the fact that there were no clerks there, so i was convinced there were cameras spying on my weirdness.

skirt is from bangladesh! haven't worn it in a while. my mom cut out a picture of it from a store catalog here, and then took it to the dorji's (tailor's) over there so he could copy the design. we do that quite often, actually. it's always really exciting to see the finished product.

excited to show you guys what i'm working on now! hopefully it will actually work this time, and i won't post a few days later saying 'jk, i'm doing something else now.' then again, if i didn't say anything, you wouldn't know, now would you?

also excited to show you the awesome shirt of awesomeness.

Music:  Let the Music Play aka BEST SONG EVER - Shamur

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Refashion #15: Red Maxi Dress

hi guys! so i lied. i'm updating late, and not with the exciting thing i promised. my mom took one look at what i'd fixed, and was like you are NOT wearing that. so i may have to fix it some more to pass mom approval (she is the one that takes the pictures) or just wait 'til i get to school. so i made something else instead!

the before:

this is a kamiz (tunic) that my aunt gave to my mom a long time ago. this style of long kamiz was in fashion then, but now people prefer the shorter kind, so my mom put this away. for me to find, obviously. HUGE slits in the sides:

the finished product:

added some green fabric from Refashion #7 and Refashion #11 to the bottom, and a belt (also in Refashion #11) to cinch the waist. sewed up the sides so as not to be indecent, and we have a great summer maxi dress.

sorry i haven't been doing inspiration based posts lately. i need to get on that, especially my iphoto is OVERFLOWING with pictures i am dying to emulate.

also wanted to show you my new birdie. she's on the left; her name is gutlu! on the right is modhu (honey), my LITTLE BITTY BABY BOY. he's actually like grandpa age, but he is CHO CHWEET.


Music:  Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne (who i can't stand, but this song is good)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Belt Hanger

quick post before an exciting one tomorrow! while in arizona, my mom and i went to michael's to pick up a card for my friend's birthday. we also found this awesome initial hanger with my initial on it. i never find anything with an n! and let's forget about ever finding anything that says nazia -.- at first i couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be, but when i did, i was pretty excited! apartment decoration!!! unfortunately, it was pretty bland.

the before:

white is nice, but as a wall will blend in with the wall. boring. so, paint it is! the back has hooks to attach it to the wall:

when i first saw it, i thought the hook at the bottom went on top, and i was like how is this helpful?! now i get it.

i was going to paint it fun colors, but when i opened the cabinet under the sink, i realized i only had black acrylic paint. i used up all of my colors when we painted our catapult in eleventh grade. our theme was 'random colors' (the catapult working is more important that having a good theme!) so we used every color but black. as you know, i am a colorful person. so i was not thrilled. i tried the watercolor route:

it failed. i left thumbprints in it after it dried, plus the lavender/teal/red color i had painted it did not stand out against the wall. i pretended it did, and then forced myself to realize that it did not. so i went for black. and then stuck some stickers because otherwise it was way too not nazia for me to handle. it has my initial, for God's sake! it has to represent meee.

i rather like it! the paint job is shoddy, and the stickers are spaced unevenly, but it's cute. it will accessorize my otherwise spartan room at school.

just found red acrylic paint in my drawer under my bed. maybe this is a sign from God telling me to stop being so obnoxious with color, and try to be normal. elegant, even. if we ignore the apple stickers.

Music:  Lady - Modjo

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Refashion #14: Mint Green Shirt

this one i actually did before i left for arizona, but didn't have a chance to take good pictures with it. i found this mint green men's button down in the attic which i'm pretty sure belonged to my dad. i decided it was now mine, because hey, finders keepers, right? plus the fabric is so nice. it's like cotton that doesn't wrinkle and it feels lightly starched all the time. awesome. i hate it when shirts wrinkle easily.

the before:

REALLY big. like how the sleeve falls over my hand? real stylish. it's because the shoulder part of the sleeve hangs like two inches below my actual shoulder.

the finished product:

had to detach the sleeves, cut off a hunk of fabric at the shoulder, then reattach. i tried this with my first refashion and kind of goofed it up. this time, i actually got it mostly right! under the armpits it's a tad lumpy, but hey, who's looking there anyways? this is a bench my mom made and put in the corner of our garden; i'll have to take a picture of the whole scene for you guys one day. it's really amazing.

like the strawberry sunglasses? ;P'

i actually decided to brave an arm party! be proud, MAN REPELLER. click on the link, you know you want to. it's awesome, trust me.

and here's a close up of the AWESOME BUTTERFLY BELT i bought yesterday! a teensy bit pricey, but it was worth it:

love, right? channeling my inner betty:

if i ever find one like that, you will be sure to see it on here.

Music:  Ladki Badi Anjani Hai - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

kajol is soo pretty here. enjoy! <3 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pink Pants!

this is an outfit post! yay! here we go:

using my bro's room for the picture taking session, since mine is a mess with suitcases and clothes. i guess i could arrange the clothes artfully, since we all love clothes!

those are the shoes (i know you were just DYING to see my feet) but the heel is a little too small for these pants. i need something with a bigger heel. plus, these are a size 8, which is a size and a half too big, so the straps keep falling down. i may poke more holes in the straps so i can actually wear them, because they are prettyy.

pretty amethyst rock my brother bought for me of the dolly (two story boat) that took us around canyon lake! i love things like this. like geodes. LOVE geodes:

i want a lapis lazuli geode ring!

this outfit was a little more grannyish than i wanted it to be, so i may try another with the pink pants soon. let's see if we can make it better.

ta! <3

Music:  Kuch to Hua Hai - Kal Ho Na Ho

this is so much easier than linking! WHY did i not see this before?!

Monday, July 18, 2011


finally finished the backing for the butterflies! here it is:

so can definitely tell that it's cardboard. even though i painted it. so my brother insists that he will get a new frame (made of wood) to frame the butterflies, because he refuses to hang it like this. here's my brother with his present:

what a cutie. my mom and i are back home now, so we miss him very much. but it's okay, he's enjoying life and i'm sure i'll see him soon enough (i think he's coming home in september!) and you know what me being home means...

MORE CLOTHES! thank God. i was going crazy without being able to fix the piles i'd dug out from the attic. i will be rushing to do as much as i can before school starts!

here's a pic of surprisingly cool outfitness from the other day:

i usually pair this white blouse with a white tank, but i couldn't find the tank the other day (peril of living out of suitcases!!!) so i was forced to wear this peach one. which looked neon under the white zebra print for some reason. which made me really EXCITED.

like this.

looking forward to remaking again! <3 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

from Ringo, have a banana!

not a real post today (sorry, still working on the frame; need paint!) but i thought i would share this lovely photo with you guys:

don't you love this blouse?! and the skirt is actually leather (not black satin, which is what it looks like in this picture) which is so unexpected. also love the flowers on the hat.

go here to look at the rest of the pictures from the shoot:  BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. they're all so beautiful!

hope to post later this week <3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cross-Stitch!Butterflies in Realistic Colors

so today i will be doing another fake post about assembling a book case!

kidding. i actually finished my cross stitch project, so i can share that with you today. here is the pattern:

sorry about the glare 8( here is my version:

as you can see, the colors are slightly different. this is because i failed to bring enough thread and had to improvise with what i had. thus the butterflies look a little...weird? my mom keeps telling me the brown one isn't popping as much as the black and yellow one, but oh, well. this design actually comes from a mug, so i'm going to do it on a smaller piece of cloth so i can put it inside the mug, using a different color scheme that is more interesting (this one bored me.)

i'm still not done though *sigh* i was sewing down the edges so they wouldn't fray (which i will have to do anyways) but it doesn't look that nice. so i can't hang the piece up as is, because then everyone would see all the nasty edges, which is just not okay. so i'm going to have to make a ghetto cardboard frame and then hopefully paint it orange before i can hang it up. so this is not the last you have seen of the butterflies! alas. expect them again sometime next week.

here's the bookcase ;)

$12 at wal-mart!

in other news, went to nordstrom rack for the first time yesterday! wasn't that impressed. everything was still insanely expensive but not that nice. if a store is going to be expensive, the clothes better be nice. like at dillard's. i like dillard's. did see these awesome colored jeans, though:

too expensive, though. so i got other awesome colored pants from tjmaxx! $10 is better than $40, don't you think? i am saving the pants for an outfit post (although i'm wearing them today, i need chunky shoes and ACCESSORIES) so you can see the pictures that made me crave pink pants in the first place:

this one's actually a skirt from KARLA'S CLOSET, but it's such a nice shade of pink.

 and i think this one is from Le Fashion, though i don't know where the one above it came from. not mine! (i obviously don't look like that...)

so yeah! very excited 8D i'll let you know when the frame is finished 8)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Table Making!

it's been a long time since i last posted! i miss refashioning 8( i am looking forward to going home and starting all of that up again, although i'm having fun here, too. working on a cross stitch butterfly wall hanging that i will show you in the near future, but today's post is about making something totally unrelated to sewing:  furniture! okay, so we didn't really make it, we just assembled some pieces, but i am still excited!

the before:

we went online on and looked up dining sets and found this new pottery barn set for only $250! awesome, right? we were all dying without having a chair to sit in for the longest time, so we were all so excited to build the chairs.

the finished product:

YAY!!! so pretty. so this is my lame excuse for a traditional, 'look what i made!' post. sigh. i'm sorry. here, i will post pretty pictures of clothes i found in kohl's:

AWESOME chaps women's floral printed blouse. the cloth was almost heavy enough to be a jacket. would have gotten it, but you know how on the sale card on top of the rack it tells you what the price will be if the original price is a certain number, and then it has a list of prices? well, this one's price was higher than the highest number on the list, and the highest one's sale price was still not within my budget. sucks.

pretty silver button:

this shirt is pretty! looked nicer in the store; it's a very rich dark green. it was the same price as the printed things to the side, but i don't know why you'd get those if you could get these instead (plus, the original price of these was higher, so you'd be saving more.)

pretty print! the shirt is too loosey goosey, though. there were lots of printed blouses, some with yellow and purple that were nicer than this, but i thought i shouldn't spam you with the same blouse, like when i spammed all those flower petals ;)

and this is just a pretty white shirt. unfortunately, none of these things were on my kind of sale (less than $10 ;D)

hopefully i'll finish the cross stitch soon, or else i'll just do an in progress post ;)