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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Refashion #1: Red Plaid Shirt

hey guys!! so, i'm just a kid who has finished her freshman year at college and is now off for the summer. my mom told me not to work (was going to work at the mall) and instead enjoy my summer, so i'm trying to do things to occupy my time. as i have saved almost 1200 pictures of clothing on my computer, many of them refashions, i figured i should take those pictures and actually make something of them! it has been fun so far, and any tips or comments you guys have are welcome! here's the first one i did about a week ago:

the before:

 i know i look very greasy, please ignore it. and also pretend the shirt is red instead of orange, i have three of these that i've been planning to remake for a while. as you can see, it is rather large as it was one of my mom's old shirts.

the inspiration:
 obviously i will not look as hot as this, but this is the general look i am going for. i decided to get rid of the flaps at the neck or else the blouse wasn't going to button closed.

the finished product:
done! looks a little lopsided because i didn't fix the belt before i took the picture, but ah well. the sleeves are a little funky, but i think it was a good first attempt. let me know what you think!

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