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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Refashion #3: Red Tunic W/Trim

here is the funnest one i've done so far, because i actually got to wear it out!

the before:

i got this shirt from my eldest aunt on my dad's side in bangladesh. in bengali, it is called a fatua. i really love the color of this top, and i also love the print down the body of it, but i am not in love with its boxy shape and man-like arms. the color is also rather manly. got to fix this!

the inspiration:

i hope she doesn't get upset with me using her picture...but i love it! this is jane aldridge from seaofshoes; i got the picture from here:

i love this summer look, so i new i could spice up my red shirt with trim to make it sort of look like this one.

the finished product:

my brother cut off the bottom when taking my picture, so here is another one where you can see the bottom:

and a close up of the trim and print on the body:

done! i just added some old trim we had, rolled up the sleeves so they'd be more flattering, and seam-ripped the collar. definitely a lot more fun to wear this way. i'm looking forward to my next project 8D

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