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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fresh Colors

hey! been so long...exams are killing me. more so because i cannot seem to get in the studying groove. i keep convincing myself i don't need to do practice problems, which is such a LIE, because practicing in your head does not bode well for math based tests. 8( so i thought i would take a break from non-studying and do a quick post that i've been meaning to do for at least two weeks now.

has been raining here a lot recently, and it makes everything look so clean. and bright. like the world has been scrubbed, shined, and sprinkled with glitter. it's amazing: the colors look so fresh. some pictures my friends and i took when walking back from brunch last week:

sweetie roomie sent me the pictures off her camera (i didn't bring mine!) i'm going to start carrying my camera everywhere, because there are so many great picture opportunities everywhere. like the umbrella prop? there weren't that many other props handy as we were walking ;)

some pictures i took in the library the other day. we have an exhibit on sadako's thousand paper cranes (read the book if you haven't done so already) that i really love, so i wanted to commemorate it before it goes away.

students made all the cranes! i used to make them out of dum-dum wrappers all the time; will have to refresh my memory on how to do it. tried when i took these pictures, but failed epically (the instructions were in japanese, so no judging! D8)

Music: Please Forgive Me - Bryan Adams


  1. Lovely umbrella! The paper cranes remind me of my childhood days! xoxoxoo

  2. beautiful!!!i'm FOLLOWING YOU!!!!!!

  3. Hi Nazia! Thank you for visiting me too! I love making paper cranes :-) xoxoxoo

  4. Your photo shoot on the street were awesome.:) The umbrella props were cute and made your photos look attractive.
    Btw, you look pretty with your outfit.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!