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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Refashion #19: Navy Beaded Pants

okay it has been forever. i've delayed this because moving in and starting classes has taken a lot of time, and i haven't had a chance to do any sewing since i got here. i was going to add something more fun to this post, but as it is i only have some cool pictures i have taken that i want to show you. hopefully i will be working on refashioning soon; one of my friends brought two things that she wants to fix that we can share with you. but with the amount of homework the teachers have been doling out, that may take a bit of time ;)

the before:

these are size 11 pants of my mom's. i have wanted navy pants for a while, since mine from like 6th grade didn't fit me anymore. these are really pretty!

the bottom cuff on the left side had come undone, so that also had to be sewn up, along with the tightening of the legs. the waist is elastic, so that didn't need to be fixed.

the inspiration:

i was originally going to do triangles of sequins, but i didn't have enough, so i used the four pair squares on the pant legs instead.

the finished product:

not completely skinny pants, but skinnier. i'd accidentally tightened the left leg too much the first time i did this, so i had to take it out. really uncomfortable.

so you can't really see, but the sequins are grouped in fours. a little extra sparkle. my mom really liked this alteration, so i will have to take an actual outfit picture for her. i feel like i have stacked up so many outfit pictures i have to take. sigh. LE sigh. gaga ;)

color-blocked walls ;) this is in alpine atrium, one of the places we like to eat on campus. great turkey sandwiches and smoothies.

awkwardly, that is my physics recitation TA. i was trying to hide from him (i'm pretty sure he thinks i'm a big dummy). the wall next to him is BLUE! almost carolina blue (BLECH) but not quite, so that's good.

the top looks pink here! wish the frames weren't crooked, but i think these are really pretty colors 8D

hopefully we will take lots of pretty pictures on the retreat coming up this weekend (Lake Gaston) so i hope to share those with you. if not, my friends and i will be going on a photo safari soon, so those photos should be up here soon ;)

Music:  My Girl - The Temptations 8D

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