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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Refashion #4: Gold Silk Blouse

hey! so i have this kamiz (tunic) that has never quite fit me properly. it fits fine on the chest, but because of the fabric, it drapes unflatteringly before, making me look unnecessarily large. i love the fabric of the tunic, especially the bottom section, but i can never wear it without looking seriously overweight. so i decided to use the wonderful fabric for something more flattering 8)

the before:

as you can see, it does not hang very nicely. ignore the mess in the rest of the room, my brother has taken over the guest room, too. it also has a collar (rather sick of those...) that you cannot see in this picture.

here are the slits in the sides that most kamizes have. the blouse in the end has about a half an inch of slit left, and i sewed up the rest for tomorrow's refashion!

the inspiration:

seeing this picture really made me want a blouse like that. so i decided to take apart my tunic. the lace around the collar also inspired my lace addition, although it doesn't quite look the same D8

the finished product:

done! 8D  here are some more close-ups:

shirt as a whole

lace insert (you can see my stitches D8)

beautiful fabric on sleeves; also on the bottom of the tunic

and that is all! the bottom half of the tunic gave me hell, though. i'll save that for tomorrow. see ya!

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