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Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Primaries

still working on my latest refashion... D8 but i painted my nails today, and the colors really struck me as fun, so i took some pictures to share with you guys:

semi-patriotic nails! if only i was skilled enough to give them white tips. put another quilt (katha) over my other one on my bed (get cold in the early morning) and i really like the full red. it really brightens up the room.

other hand.

on the scarf and skirt i was wearing. i was wearing fun colors today, but i didn't document the rest of me because i looked pretty tired. i'll probably wear it another day for you ;)

fun bookmark my friend gave me! and the nail polish i used. revlon royal (DUKE BLUE!) and fire fox.

the red is 'matte suede' which i didn't like when it first dried since it's not shiny, but now i do. it catches the light nicely, and the glitter specks inside are fun.

basically illustrates my day. furiously reading an agatha christie, because once i start i can't stop, and painting my nails. i also made some beds, but that's not as much fun to photograph, now is it? maybe it is, i may try it tomorrow ;) we can make anything artistic, non? -> channeling poirot

i really did love the green rings with the red and blue. i wish i could have gotten my mom to take a picture of my hands, so you i wouldn't have had to settle for self-timer, but she's sleeping. as you should be.

Music:  Main Teri Dhadkan Teri - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

the first girl's part kind of sucks, but the rest of the song is good 8D

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