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Monday, August 15, 2011

Refashion #18: Fringed T-Shirt + Straight Pants to Skinny

sorry it has been so long! ah! i've been reading a lot, so i kept putting off actually taking pictures and finishing my projects. only a couple more weeks before school starts again, so i need to take advantage of what time i have left before i have to study. yuck.

the before:

old t-shirt that was given to me as a gift when i visited L.A. when i was about eleven years old. i actually really love this t-shirt. it just fits nicely, and the color is really nice.

so i was not happy when i returned with the rest of my washing looking like this. i don't know if it got caught in the machine, or what, but i was sad. because an iron is not going to un-stretch that cloth.

even worse on the bottom!

and hole under sleeve 8(

the inspiration:

katy perry! taken from her facebook page. lucky break that my shirt also had a california theme. didn't want to make mine quite as skanky, though, but the fringe would take care of the pulled bottom.

the finished product:

have GOT to clean my mirror. i'm sorry i only realize this AFTER i take pictures. ugh. this isn't really the way i wanted to wear this shirt, but the other shirt i wanted to wear under it was long-sleeved, and i about roasted this morning when i pulled it on.

i like this shirt. it's fun, if nothing else. the pony beads are really random colors, because i only had leftovers from those beaded animals i used to hang on my bookbag. but i like it. it would work for some sort of costume party. like a rainbow/hippie/pocahontas party. just my kind of party.

onto the before!pants:

these pants were sort of straight cut, like my pink ones, but less flattering. they just made me look stumpy. so i took my skinny jeans, laid 'em on top, and pinned where i wanted to tighten from the inside.

all pinned!

close-up of pinning. for the heck of it.

the finished product:

not completely skinny, but definitely more fitting. the pants are actual black satin, but because THIS MIRROR IS ALSO DIRTY, you can't tell that well. i apologize. i will get on the cleaning, i promise.

on to funner things (funner is a word?! how about funnerer? yeah, didn't think so), my wonderful, awesome, ammu (mom) got me pretty nail polish yesterday!

shiny! pretty! and scented when dry! i actually asked for green, and i got more of a teal, but what gives. IT'S SCENTED!

like the ocean, i'm guessing? and the little man you see there? uncle sam. came in my dad's case of tea he'd bought in ohio, and he is my new favorite thing.

he isn't he just the cutest thing?! i just want to hold him in my hand all day.

better look at the teal color. i took all of these on the 'flower setting' and i think they turned out pretty nicely.

hopefully i can squeeze in at least one more refashion before i head off to school!

Music: Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya - Sangam

incredibly random song that showed up on my itunes. you will probs get laughs out of the video:

yeah, this is REALLY weird.

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