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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Refashion #17: Pink Floral Skirt

finished the skirt! this one turned out better than the first one i did (Refashion #5) so i actually took pictures with it on! zippers definitely make for better skirts than side buttons. and pleated ones are definitely easier to fit than straight skirts.

the before:

old dress from my childhood. it was given to me from one of my relatives in bangladesh. i had a baby blue one that was a little smaller that i for some reason liked better, but i really like this one now that i look at it.

the back with the zipper i detached to use on the skirt.

close up of the pretty lavender flower print.

the finished product:

pleated skirt! leggings are new, from kohl's (candie's). i like the studs on the side. ignore the weird white stuff, that's actually tissue residue from when i cleaned the mirror.

my dad said i looked like a lawyer, but i'm pretty sure lawyers don't really prefer skirts that look so girly haha.

the back! it's hard to see, so i darkened the picture, but i'm still not sure if you can really see it. i made the zipper exposed, because i've been seeing that on a lot of clothes lately and i really like the effect! my mom thought i'd done it by accident, haha.

i was going to keep the top of the dress with the skirt, but that didn't fit even after i enlarged the arm holes. so i detached the skirt, pleated it, hemmed the top, and added the zipper. pretty easy! i'm going to try and do something with the top, because i love the puffed sleeves and the rosettes on the bodice.

Music:  Love Story meets Viva La Vida - Jon Schmidt (roommate showed me this <3)

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