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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Red Floral Pants

these pants were my mom's, but she decided they enhanced her bum a little bit too much, so she gave them to me. i think they looked great on her, but she wouldn't listen, so here i am with new pants! they are a little loose (like most of my pants...) but they don't look too shabby, so i might not tighten them. what do you think?

not the solid red jeans that are all the rage right now, but these will do for now ;) close up of the shirt:

it has cool zig zag threads running down the length of it! working on the next refashion; it's a skirt, so you know that means it's a bitch, but hopefully it'll fit better than the last one.


Music:  Lost - Katy Perry (voice is a little too rough in this song, but i like the tune a lot; sort of like a lullaby)

really cute outfit in the above screenshot, by the way 8D

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