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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Refashion #16: Red Harem Pants

hi guys! fixed up some salwar today so they'd look more like harem pants. my mom gave me a funny look, but she didn't say anything, so i suppose that's better than usual ;)

the before:

sorry for the darkness. i stupidly took this at night, because i couldn't wait to get started on it. these pants came with the tunic i showed you in Refashion #4 (and also Refashion #5.) see how giant they are? most salwar are like this, so definitely not flattering when worn with anything other than the original kamiz.

the inspiration:

decided to transform the salwar into harem pants like on the left. picture from man repeller, but she got it from the website which promotes this huge fashion show in paris. if you get to go, i am super jealous!

the finished product:

denim pillow cover to match denim jacket!

picspam! haha i weirdly match the bedspread and the pillow. here is the paisley on the bottom of the pants:

basically what i did is hem the top of the drawstring waist so that the pants wouldn't be quite as long. i also closed up the leg around my ankle about two inches, so i would have enough room to put my foot through. to get the true harem effect, i safety pinned after putting the pants on; that way the pants are closed firmly around the ankle but i can still get them off. i don't want to live in these, although jasmine pulls it off well:

i was wearing some shoes earlier, but they just look really...strange. they look cool in the following pictures (at least i think so):

stitching cool, right? but on, with these pants and that jacket, i looked like a 90s street urchin. who couldn't even follow trends properly. i hope i find something to wear them with, because they have been sitting in my closet for at least two years now. i blame it all on my best friend, who also has them (yay moms who shop at stein mart!) and who instilled her hatred of them into me before i could even wear them. jk, i was already sort of iffy about them ;) 

Music:  Loot Jayenge - Aksar

her dress is really weird, but she is pretty. also, pretty awesome song 8D