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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comfort in the Sun

today was a comfy outfit day 8) 

i know i have already featured this shirt on this blog, but i didn't realize HOW MUCH i loved it until i wore it again. seriously. so comfortable.

took a lot of pictures of just the garden too:

bumblebee on bean plant!

just realized when you overexpose pictures, it sort of looks extraterrestrial. like in this awesome video:

bean plant arch my mom shaped with wire. there is another one amongst the other vegetables, but it's been growing so crazily you can't really see it anymore. you can see it in my Refashion #11 post.

banana peppers!

loving the mixture of green, yellow, red, and white. such bright summer colors.

we have this tree in our backyard, and i want to sit under it, but the sap on it is sweet so lately we have these HUGE hornet things swarming all over the tree. IT'S TERRIFYING. 8(

favorite part of our garden. i just love the path. it reminds me of the path to Ms. Honey's cottage in the book Matilda by Roald Dahl, illustration by Quentin Blake. i would love to see that cottage, if something like it existed.

sorry for the picspam, but i also took some pictures yesterday:

my mom had washed and starched her whites and hung them out to dry on our dining room chairs. i'd never seen our dining room chairs out on the deck before, and i think the two wood colors really complement each other. plus the sun was hitting all the green in just the perfect way.

i leave you with this:

scary, right?

Music: Main Nikkla Gaddi Leke

pretty classic song 8D

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