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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Refashion #15: Red Maxi Dress

hi guys! so i lied. i'm updating late, and not with the exciting thing i promised. my mom took one look at what i'd fixed, and was like you are NOT wearing that. so i may have to fix it some more to pass mom approval (she is the one that takes the pictures) or just wait 'til i get to school. so i made something else instead!

the before:

this is a kamiz (tunic) that my aunt gave to my mom a long time ago. this style of long kamiz was in fashion then, but now people prefer the shorter kind, so my mom put this away. for me to find, obviously. HUGE slits in the sides:

the finished product:

added some green fabric from Refashion #7 and Refashion #11 to the bottom, and a belt (also in Refashion #11) to cinch the waist. sewed up the sides so as not to be indecent, and we have a great summer maxi dress.

sorry i haven't been doing inspiration based posts lately. i need to get on that, especially my iphoto is OVERFLOWING with pictures i am dying to emulate.

also wanted to show you my new birdie. she's on the left; her name is gutlu! on the right is modhu (honey), my LITTLE BITTY BABY BOY. he's actually like grandpa age, but he is CHO CHWEET.


Music:  Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne (who i can't stand, but this song is good)

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