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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cross-Stitch!Butterflies in Realistic Colors

so today i will be doing another fake post about assembling a book case!

kidding. i actually finished my cross stitch project, so i can share that with you today. here is the pattern:

sorry about the glare 8( here is my version:

as you can see, the colors are slightly different. this is because i failed to bring enough thread and had to improvise with what i had. thus the butterflies look a little...weird? my mom keeps telling me the brown one isn't popping as much as the black and yellow one, but oh, well. this design actually comes from a mug, so i'm going to do it on a smaller piece of cloth so i can put it inside the mug, using a different color scheme that is more interesting (this one bored me.)

i'm still not done though *sigh* i was sewing down the edges so they wouldn't fray (which i will have to do anyways) but it doesn't look that nice. so i can't hang the piece up as is, because then everyone would see all the nasty edges, which is just not okay. so i'm going to have to make a ghetto cardboard frame and then hopefully paint it orange before i can hang it up. so this is not the last you have seen of the butterflies! alas. expect them again sometime next week.

here's the bookcase ;)

$12 at wal-mart!

in other news, went to nordstrom rack for the first time yesterday! wasn't that impressed. everything was still insanely expensive but not that nice. if a store is going to be expensive, the clothes better be nice. like at dillard's. i like dillard's. did see these awesome colored jeans, though:

too expensive, though. so i got other awesome colored pants from tjmaxx! $10 is better than $40, don't you think? i am saving the pants for an outfit post (although i'm wearing them today, i need chunky shoes and ACCESSORIES) so you can see the pictures that made me crave pink pants in the first place:

this one's actually a skirt from KARLA'S CLOSET, but it's such a nice shade of pink.

 and i think this one is from Le Fashion, though i don't know where the one above it came from. not mine! (i obviously don't look like that...)

so yeah! very excited 8D i'll let you know when the frame is finished 8)

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