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Thursday, July 28, 2011

White & ... White?

went shopping today! dillard's had their end-of-month extra 30% off clearance items, so my mom and i went to scope out the deals. their regular clearance for clothes is pretty expensive, but with the extra 30%, a lot of things are pretty reasonable. the shirt i got was more on the pricey side ($20 eventually) but there was something i saw for $238 ON CLEARANCE! i literally did a double take.

the title is because i was originally going to wear a black skirt with this shirt, but then realized i don't own that black skirt anymore. i gave it away. don't you hate it when that happens? and also when you lose clothes. i'm still missing this awesome pink shirt i used to have. i only got to wear it like twice!! so i wore this skirt instead. outfit picture taken in the changing room:

would have taken pictures of the clothes i tried on, but i felt UNBELIEVABLY CREEPY taking pictures in the changing room. like i was doing something illegal. it was made worse by the fact that there were no clerks there, so i was convinced there were cameras spying on my weirdness.

skirt is from bangladesh! haven't worn it in a while. my mom cut out a picture of it from a store catalog here, and then took it to the dorji's (tailor's) over there so he could copy the design. we do that quite often, actually. it's always really exciting to see the finished product.

excited to show you guys what i'm working on now! hopefully it will actually work this time, and i won't post a few days later saying 'jk, i'm doing something else now.' then again, if i didn't say anything, you wouldn't know, now would you?

also excited to show you the awesome shirt of awesomeness.

Music:  Let the Music Play aka BEST SONG EVER - Shamur

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