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Monday, July 18, 2011


finally finished the backing for the butterflies! here it is:

so can definitely tell that it's cardboard. even though i painted it. so my brother insists that he will get a new frame (made of wood) to frame the butterflies, because he refuses to hang it like this. here's my brother with his present:

what a cutie. my mom and i are back home now, so we miss him very much. but it's okay, he's enjoying life and i'm sure i'll see him soon enough (i think he's coming home in september!) and you know what me being home means...

MORE CLOTHES! thank God. i was going crazy without being able to fix the piles i'd dug out from the attic. i will be rushing to do as much as i can before school starts!

here's a pic of surprisingly cool outfitness from the other day:

i usually pair this white blouse with a white tank, but i couldn't find the tank the other day (peril of living out of suitcases!!!) so i was forced to wear this peach one. which looked neon under the white zebra print for some reason. which made me really EXCITED.

like this.

looking forward to remaking again! <3 

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