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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pink Pants!

this is an outfit post! yay! here we go:

using my bro's room for the picture taking session, since mine is a mess with suitcases and clothes. i guess i could arrange the clothes artfully, since we all love clothes!

those are the shoes (i know you were just DYING to see my feet) but the heel is a little too small for these pants. i need something with a bigger heel. plus, these are a size 8, which is a size and a half too big, so the straps keep falling down. i may poke more holes in the straps so i can actually wear them, because they are prettyy.

pretty amethyst rock my brother bought for me of the dolly (two story boat) that took us around canyon lake! i love things like this. like geodes. LOVE geodes:

i want a lapis lazuli geode ring!

this outfit was a little more grannyish than i wanted it to be, so i may try another with the pink pants soon. let's see if we can make it better.

ta! <3

Music:  Kuch to Hua Hai - Kal Ho Na Ho

this is so much easier than linking! WHY did i not see this before?!

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