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Friday, July 22, 2011

Belt Hanger

quick post before an exciting one tomorrow! while in arizona, my mom and i went to michael's to pick up a card for my friend's birthday. we also found this awesome initial hanger with my initial on it. i never find anything with an n! and let's forget about ever finding anything that says nazia -.- at first i couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be, but when i did, i was pretty excited! apartment decoration!!! unfortunately, it was pretty bland.

the before:

white is nice, but as a wall will blend in with the wall. boring. so, paint it is! the back has hooks to attach it to the wall:

when i first saw it, i thought the hook at the bottom went on top, and i was like how is this helpful?! now i get it.

i was going to paint it fun colors, but when i opened the cabinet under the sink, i realized i only had black acrylic paint. i used up all of my colors when we painted our catapult in eleventh grade. our theme was 'random colors' (the catapult working is more important that having a good theme!) so we used every color but black. as you know, i am a colorful person. so i was not thrilled. i tried the watercolor route:

it failed. i left thumbprints in it after it dried, plus the lavender/teal/red color i had painted it did not stand out against the wall. i pretended it did, and then forced myself to realize that it did not. so i went for black. and then stuck some stickers because otherwise it was way too not nazia for me to handle. it has my initial, for God's sake! it has to represent meee.

i rather like it! the paint job is shoddy, and the stickers are spaced unevenly, but it's cute. it will accessorize my otherwise spartan room at school.

just found red acrylic paint in my drawer under my bed. maybe this is a sign from God telling me to stop being so obnoxious with color, and try to be normal. elegant, even. if we ignore the apple stickers.

Music:  Lady - Modjo

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