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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Table Making!

it's been a long time since i last posted! i miss refashioning 8( i am looking forward to going home and starting all of that up again, although i'm having fun here, too. working on a cross stitch butterfly wall hanging that i will show you in the near future, but today's post is about making something totally unrelated to sewing:  furniture! okay, so we didn't really make it, we just assembled some pieces, but i am still excited!

the before:

we went online on and looked up dining sets and found this new pottery barn set for only $250! awesome, right? we were all dying without having a chair to sit in for the longest time, so we were all so excited to build the chairs.

the finished product:

YAY!!! so pretty. so this is my lame excuse for a traditional, 'look what i made!' post. sigh. i'm sorry. here, i will post pretty pictures of clothes i found in kohl's:

AWESOME chaps women's floral printed blouse. the cloth was almost heavy enough to be a jacket. would have gotten it, but you know how on the sale card on top of the rack it tells you what the price will be if the original price is a certain number, and then it has a list of prices? well, this one's price was higher than the highest number on the list, and the highest one's sale price was still not within my budget. sucks.

pretty silver button:

this shirt is pretty! looked nicer in the store; it's a very rich dark green. it was the same price as the printed things to the side, but i don't know why you'd get those if you could get these instead (plus, the original price of these was higher, so you'd be saving more.)

pretty print! the shirt is too loosey goosey, though. there were lots of printed blouses, some with yellow and purple that were nicer than this, but i thought i shouldn't spam you with the same blouse, like when i spammed all those flower petals ;)

and this is just a pretty white shirt. unfortunately, none of these things were on my kind of sale (less than $10 ;D)

hopefully i'll finish the cross stitch soon, or else i'll just do an in progress post ;)

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