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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Bit of Hemming

can't figure out how to type above the picture, sorry! i added this from the pictures on my laptop at home just so i could work on some posts while i'm away, but i forgot to make sure that i wrote something above the first picture. ugh. anyways, this is a skirt i hemmed. it isn't really a big deal, i just wanted to have an excuse to write a blog post because i haven't done one in a few days. this is a sort of sleep/lounge skirt my mom made me when i was in 6th grade, but the hem at the bottom wasn't done properly, so there were always loose threads. i hemmed it:

in the hopes that it would be wearable outside the house. but sadly, i think it's a little too worn out looking. i am glad there are no straggly threads hanging, but i don't think i'd wear this out, just because it's so faded and...well, sleepy looking.

guess where i am! arizona! it's like a whole different world. when my mom and i looked out the plane windows just before landing, it was like looking at mars or the moon or something. i don't think i've ever seen so much brown (with ripples) in one place. i thought i would hate the mud color on everything (even the highway signs are brown) especially as the houses are also stuccoed to look like adobe huts or something, but it's rather charming. there is a bit more greenery than i expected, and it's a different kind of beauty. not what i'm used to, but i like it.

although i do wish it still wouldn't feel like i was baking AFTER SUNDOWN. was not expecting to still be buffeted by hot gusts of air once the sun went down. ah, well. it's definitely not sticky.

since i'm not at home with all of my ribbons and buttons and lace galore, i don't think i'll be able to post as interesting refashions for about two weeks. i did bring about four shirts to size, but i might not post pictures of some of them because i at least do want to take some nice outfit pictures once i'm home. i will try to post at least two more posts while i'm here (hold me to it!) but don't be surprised if you're bored by them. promise that once i'm home i will redouble my efforts! looking forward to the rest of my vacation and i hope the rest of you guys are having a great summer 8D



  2. wait i think this one worked! but i don't know if the other one did! so i'm just going to repeat I MISS SEEING YOUR FACE WEARING CLOTHES, CLOTHES ENOUGH AREN'T CUTTING IT MISSY.

  3. aw thanks sweetie! i got two comments from my lovely fuf <3 and no, no pictures of me in clothes! first of all, i don't have any of my accessories or any or the right shoes to make the outfit cute, and plus, this weather has made my face break out something AWFUL. i might put up some pictures later on in the week of my cross stitching along with some pictures of our adventures in this oven of a state. love love!