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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Refashion #10: Pink & Black Floral Skirt

sorry for changing the background! it was just getting hard to see the pictures, so i chose the template with a white border for the pictures instead. and haha sorry for the double a little behind with posting and focused on making too many things! in my defense, this next one was way too simple. it took about ten minutes to finish, tops.

so i was going through the box of my mom's old clothes in the guest room closet looking for a different shirt i knew was in there, when i found this skirt (and lots of other goodies!) it's a size 12, so it was entirely too large for me, but i was determined to make it mine.

the before:

so you can't really tell, but the skirt was definitely really large. it was slipping down over my hips. so i fixed to fit me better by making two 1-inch pleats in the back of the waistline:

here's a close up of one of the pleats:

the finished product:

yay! the next one i'm working on is quite challenging, so don't be surprised if i tell you i've given up. oh, and i have another surprise for you!

i found these in wal-mart yesterday, in the wedding aisle:

they're fake flower petals! i think there were about 300 per box 8O i'm thinking about getting some because i think they'd make a really cool bottom half of a gown, especially if you mixed colors. like if you had green on the bottom and red on top. very cool. 

kind of like this:

it would probably be longer than this, and not one color, but you get the idea. so if i ever get around to making a prom style gown, remind me to try this out first!

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