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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Refashion #13: Red & Gold Trimmed Sweater

reached 100 views! thanks so much to everyone who is reading this blog; it means a lot to me. the sweater i'm posting about today didn't turn out quite that great. it gave me a really hard time. i just didn't know what to do with it once all of the sequins were off. i like the sleeves, but the shape of the sweater is just so odd that it is hard to make it look nice and fitted. but i made valiant efforts, and maybe i'll wear it slightly more often than i did before? i do like the trim.

the before:

this is a pretty shapeless cardigan. i wish i had taken a picture of it on so you could see how it hangs off of my back. you know those shirts that sort of stick out from your back? this is what this cardigan does. also, it's sequined, but the sequins were unraveling in parts, making the sweater look pretty shabby.

i think you can see where the lines of sequins have awkward gaps in them, or long dangly threads that just look unkempt. so i decided to get rid of all of the sequins, which was a pretty hard decision. i also decided to sew the cardigan together to make a pullover sweater, in the hopes that it would lie flat against my back.

the inspiration:

even though i was taking the sequins off, i wanted the sweater to fit like this one. (on a side note, i love preity!)

sewed and without the sequins it looked like this:

lots of sequins were harvested off of this sweater. enough to make a sequin pillow! the most comfortable of all pillows:

the best resting place for my little rocking horse that a friend in 8th grade once gave me (shout out to elizabeth, if you happen to read this):

sequin-less sweater up close:

i think it looks a lot better, but we can't just have a plain black sweater! what a travesty! basic staples are overrated. so trimming time it is 8)

trimming inspiration:

i decided to use this color scheme against the black, and even include the bronze-ish ribbon on the sleeves instead of using all gold. i do plan on making this blouse at a later time (super cute!)

the finished product:

i was going to upload pictures of it on, but i didn't really feel like wearing a sweater in the heat we're having.

the sweater is sort of uneven at the front, which makes the ribbon lie bendy instead of straight, which does bother me. oh, well.

here is the brown on the cuff. i do really like these. hopefully my next refashion will be something i'm more excited about.

i am excited about the following, though:

pile of clothes i dug out of the attic on thursday with afia and bushra! we found some AWESOME stuff that i am excited to show you guys.

Music:  Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer

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