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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Refashion #7: Green Plaid Shrug

so this one didn't take that long at all! yay! that means i can move on to the next one!

the before:

this is actually a dress my mom made for me and my best friend when i was in fourth grade. i love the green plaid, and unfortunately, while we have many other colors of plaid in the house, we don't have any green. so i decided to use this!

today, i just used the top half. i needed the buttoning to be in the front, or else there wasn't going to be any way to close the top over my not 4th-grade chest. there was extra cloth folded under the buttons, so i thought that would be enough. turns out it wasn't, but that's okay. i also had planned to leave the ties for the skirt, but they were attached to the shirt piece, so i kept them. glad i did that, it came in handy later.

the inspiration:

don't remember where this is from! please don't accuse me of stealing content D8 this definitely isn't my picture (the girl scares me o.O) i really like her outfit, though. the tank is what i was going for, but since i didn't have enough cloth to spare, i had to go for a bolero-like look instead.

the finished product:

so glad i left the ties and didn't go through the extra trouble of removing them. turns out they were needed, because the back of the shrug was bunching up; with the ties, it stays down like a normal shirt. the random pink panel is to cover up the buttonholes. there was no need for them as this shirt will NOT button up. i was going to put a pink panel on the other side, but i got lazy, and i kind of like the asymmetrical look. who says things have to be perfect? loosened the sleeves a little (arms gotta breathe) and we're done! kind of looks watermelony 8D

close-up! don't look if  chest/neck areas offend you ;)

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