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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Refashion #6: Blue & Gold Trimmed Skirt

hi guys! sorry it took so long; this last refashion took quite a while. i have been doing all of my sewing by hand, as my mom hasn't had time to teach me how to use the machine yet, so all the strips going on this skirt took a long time to tack down. but i love the end result!

the before:

the skirt is tiered, sort of like the bohemian ones that were all the rage about four years ago. there is beading all along the front, and then simpler lines of beads (sans triangles) on the back. unfortunately, parts of the beading was coming off, making the skirt look pretty shabby.

here is a close up of the beading design; as you can see, on one side of the triangle the beads have fallen off.

the inspiration:

here is a picture of a skirt from sea of shoes again; jane has the PRETTIEST clothing!

the finished product:

i LOVE this. it looks ten times newer, just because of the shiny new ribbon. i also love the color combination. i never would have thought to put gold with the blue and white; my natural choice would have been silver, but the gold really brings out the blue in a way the silver never could.

me wearing it 8D my dad said it looks very gypsy like. hmm, i guess it does.

here is a close up of the lace and ribbon i used.

thanks so much for reading! can't wait to start the next one 8D

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