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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Refashion #8: Black Checked Blouse

found another one of these checked shirts! so far i've counted five old ones that my mom has 8D good for me!

the before:

pretty big and blah. at least the sleeves are already short!

the buttons are pretty, but there is one missing. also, nasty brown spot needs to be covered! there was also one on one of the pockets, but i got rid of that...

i saw a picture of an embroidered goose on jane's sweater and decided i wanted my sweater to have a goose on it. this is my fail attempt. it's cute, but hardly something i want to put on my shirt. so i just took the whole stained pocket off.

as you can see, my goose looks nothing like hers. i also decided that if i couldn't do a goose, i also couldn't very well do the palm trees on the other side, now could i? so that idea got scrapped.

the actual inspiration:

look! adorable rompers! i tried to model mine after the one on the right. got lazy with my 'lace', so i didn't put it on both sides. also, with all the extra embellishment, the peter pan collar seemed a little obnoxious (i think the pattern i printed was larger than the usual...) so i left that off, too. also didn't feel like learning how to gather the sleeves yet, so i just pleated. this was basically the project of laziness. sorry! ;)

the finished product:

close up of the shiny fabric! isn't it so pretty?! i used to have an outfit made of this stuff, but sadly, doesn't fit anymore 8(

me wearing the new shirt! hopefully it doesn't look as granny-ish as before. now off to go fix some pants!

Music: Be My Only - FM Radio

i am IN LOVE with this song. listen. now.

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