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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Refashion #12: Pink Embroidered Vest

yay! wasn't sure if i'd be able to post today (so busy cleaning the house!) but it looks like i got around to it. the other day i was rummaging around in the attic; again. this should be renamed attic adventures. and i found three of my mom's AWESOME old kamizes! these look more like dresses than tunics, though. they are in the old anarkoli style. i'm only going to show you one today, but don't worry, the others will probably make outfit posts later on. they are seriously awesome. so here is the one i'm probably the least excited about, namely because i at first thought it was one of my childhood dresses:

see what i mean? it's just a little too much pink. with the matching vest, however, it is pretty cool. yes, i said matching vest! excited now?

definitely upped in cool points. i still think i'm going to take the dress apart to make a killer blouse and skirt (might bead the skirt) but it still looks cooler with the vest. the only problem with the vest had been badly burned.

the before:

i don't know that you can really see, but my mom had scorched the organza in the back when trying to iron it. so originally i was going to cut the vest apart and just sew the embroidery on to the dress, as the embroidery wasn't damaged, but it almost killed me to take that vest apart. i love vests, and this one was gorgeous. so i decided to just cut off the burned part in a straight line, leaving a sort of modern blocked effect.

the finished product:

the burn is fixed! this wasn't really difficult to do, but i just wanted to show you my awesome new vest. you guys should seriously look through mom's old stuff. or grandma's. you will probably definitely find some gems.

here is my lovely friend, aubree. haven't seen her in a while, so it was nice to have her over. even nicer of her to take the picture with me <3

working on trimming a sweater now, which has given me a lot of trouble! in terms of inspiration, that is; it's not actually a difficult project. hopefully it will turn out okay *crosses fingers*

and sorry i haven't been linking the music! i was scared to post the mp3s because i don't want to get in copyright trouble D8 but my great friend, hodan, made me realize i could just link you to youtube! so let me go change that.

Music:  Love Song - BIGBANG

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