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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Refashion #9: Lacey Velvet Pants

wow. what a ridiculous name. anyways, this one doesn't really have that many fun pictures, but i'll post what i took. so my phupi (eldest aunt on my dad's side) gave me these SMASHING AWESOME velvet black pants from bangladesh about a year ago. they're really cool, but the problem is that they have awkward little slits on the sides.

the before:

you can't really see it, but they're like 3 inches high and just really awkward. so when i saw this awesome picture guessed it, sea of shoes, i knew what had to be done!

the inspiration:

aren't these pants awesome?! the slit is a little high for my tastes, so i only opened the slit on my pants to about calf length.

the finished product:

all done! it's a little bit lame because when i wear them, the slits sort of close so you can't really see the lace, but it's still pretty! so i didn't take a picture with them on, because you wouldn't be able to see. hopefully i'll wear these pants more often now 8D

Music:  Just Chill - Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya

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