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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Refashion #11: Green & Blue Color Blocked? Tunic

hey you guys! so funny know that skirt i tightened last time? hahaha...turns out one of my aunties had given it to my mom as a pattern for another skirt my mom was making her. whoops! so even though i was 'determined to make it mine' it was, alas, not mine. or my mom's. so i had to take out the stitches. sad 8( i really liked that skirt! but no worries, i will find another pink skirt (making sure it belongs to me first...) to modify in the near future ;)

i really hope that auntie never sees that last post...'hmmm...that skirt looks familiar...' awkward. anyways. i know i said last time that the project i was working on was complicated, but i changed it after a while and it turned out not to be so complicated. so sorry if you were looking forward to something intense. here we go!

oh, and the color blocked has a question mark because i think color blocking requires at least three colors. but this is close enough. i guess i could just add an orange necklace and then we'd be good.

the before:

this is the bottom half of the dress i used from refashion #7. as you can see, it is really wide, so i was going to have to pleat it if i wanted it to fit my waist. the second piece i was using:

old t-shirt from i don't know when. i vaguely remember owning this, and i must have worn it at some point, but it has been a while. 6th or 7th grade? idk. here it is on:

don't mind the blurry spots, they're from the mirror. i need to clean it D8 as you can see, it's one of those shirts that will rise up SO easily, so i needed something to cover the bottom.

the inspiration:

LOVE this sweater. i think this was something i got off of a slideshow on elle; it was supposed to be reminiscent of the recent trends of color blocking and nautical stripes, especially on the prada runway. i love these colors. so when i saw it, i immediately thought of the dress and the shirt  that i had found and got to work 8D

i originally was going to have the checked fabric line the very bottom of the shirt, which is why i needed to pleat it so it would fit the bottom, but after i'd pinned and even started sewing, i realized the logo on the shirt just looked so...childish. big surprise. i was a child when i wore it. so i decided to put the checked fabric higher up, so as to cover the logo.

the finished product:

me! and our peaches 8D i think it turned out pretty decent. here's the back:

i'm glad i didn't sew up the back of the green fabric, or else it wouldn't have fit!

thanks for reading! especially you people in germany and alaska, i had no idea you could even find this blog! i can barely find it when i search for it haha and i know what i'm looking for!

hopefully will post again tomorrow 8D

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